OOTD for Petites!

I’ve always stayed away from wearing trousers because at 5 ft 2, I always thought that they’d make me look much bigger than I am, and also every pair I buy just seem to drown me in length.

However, after stumbling through every petite section of every online website, I came across this beautiful pair of wide leg trousers on Boohoo that were only £8(!) and when they arrived they actually fit me perfectly! The length was just right to wear with heels, and that’s exactly what I did when I went on a night out last week.

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Around a month and a half ago I left home and moved away to University to study Journalism! I’m so excited for the next 3 years, regardless of how stressed I will probably be by the end of it. As I will probably have quite a bit of free time I’m going to start writing on my blog again which I am so excited about, I have missed blogging so much over summer, but I have just been so busy!

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Prepping for University: Bedroom Checklist

So as I am going to University in September I thought I would start a new series on my blog, how to prepare for university. I’m going to post one Uni related post a week up until I go, so I really hope they help you all. I’m going to talk about the things you’ll need, how to make friends if you’re shy and much more. No doubt when I’m there I will also do various Uni posts about how to stay on track and budget.

However, this post is the first of the University checklist posts I’m writing. Within this mini series I’m going to list the things I think you’ll need whilst living in halls. The first post is going to be revolved around the bedroom. Just a word of warning, these posts may be a little long but it’s just because I’m going into detail 🙂Untitled-2.jpg Continue reading


I regularly change up my skincare routine depending on what state my skin is in. For example, as a sufferer of acne a few years ago I use dermatologist prescribed gel most nights. However I do love trying new things out but most times I do stick to what I know, purely so my skin doesn’t break out. Here are a few of my absolute holy grail skincare goodies… Continue reading