Screen Shot 2018-05-03 at 17.11.27I’ll admit it, over the last few months I have been pretty shitty on the ol’ blogging front.

Back when I first started my blog back in 2015, I loved blogging. In fact, most weeks you’d get around 3/5 blogposts.

Now, I just can’t find the motivation to sit down and write. Since moving to University I have had a lot of free time, however I just haven’t thought “Oh I write post a new blog post”. It just never occurred to me that I could actually fall out of love with blogging. Continue reading “LOST MY BLOGGING MOJO? WHY I FELL IN AND OUT OF LOVE WITH BLOGGING”


W7 ‘Lightly Toasted’ Eyeshadow Palette… Naked 1 Dupe?

I’m a total sucker for a dupe of a high end product. I mean, who doesn’t feel good saving money on something that could be as good as the real thing?! Whilst shopping a few days ago the W7 ‘In The Buff: Lightly Toasted’ palette  caught my eye… And it surprisingly looked like for Urban Decay Naked 1 palette. After uhm-ing and ahh-ing over whether it would be good or not, I decided to take the plunge and buy it and review it for you guys!  

First Impressions… Unlike the Naked 1 palette, the 12 eyeshadows come in a little tin (which personally I think is better than a suede covered piece of cardboard)! The eyeshadows themselves look identical to the eyeshadows in Naked 1. From first impressions and no swatches, they also looked very durable and long wearing. 


 Taken with flash and no editing, this is what the eyeshadows look like with one swatch. As you can tell, the darker colours are much more pigmented than the lighter ones. However you can build the lighter ones up or even just use them as a simple highlight shade. Compared to the Naked 1, I would give them a 6.5/10 rating. 


By using the 3rd, 5th and 9th shade in the palette this is the eye look I have created. A subtle copper eye, perfect for days when you don’t want to go all out with your makeup. The staying power is also very durable and lasts over 6 hours if you use a good eye primer underneath! Overall I really do like this palette and I do love it (just not as much as my beloved Naked palettes)! I do recommended it to those who don’t wish to spend £40 on a high end product as it does the trick just as good, it just may take some to build up certain colours! 

Buy it here on Amazon for £5.79! Bargain! 

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Relaxin’ Sundays | How I Like To Chill

Every once in a while I feel super stressed out and just need to take some time out to relax and de-stress. I go back to college tomorrow and it is exactly one month until my first A-Level exam; which is freaking me out! So I thought I would have a little pamper night tonight and hopefully it will make me feel relaxed for tomorrow. Here are some of the things I like to do to relax…

1) Get a nice hot bath using a Lush product.

Tonight I am using the ‘Ickle Baby Bot‘ bath ballistic, which is perfect for when your feeling stressed as its main ingredient is lavender, so within a few minutes it will make you feel more relaxed. It will also help you go to sleep easier if you cannot sleep; so I thought this was perfect for helping me get a good nights sleep before tomorrow! Here is what the cute little guy looks like!


2) Use my favourite body wash products and also use a face mask. 

I find using my favourite scents in body washes/scrubs also helps me relax whilst I am in the bath.

Tonight, I’m using The Body Shop ‘Moringa Body Scrub‘ to exfoliate any dry areas I may have on my arms and legs, and then to leave my skin feeling moisturised I’m using Soap & Glory ‘Sugar Crush’ Body Wash. This stuff smells aaaammaaaaazing and is perfect for leaving your skin feeling super smooth. After my bath I will use the Sugar Crush Body Butter also to leave my skin feeling even more nourished! For a face mask I’m using the Superdrug ‘Cucumber Cooling Clay Mask’. This is amazing for refreshing the skin and also making it feel soft. After getting out of the bath I will then use all my skincare products on my face. To see what I use, you can check out the post I did on my skincare routine here.

3) Grab a good book, my favourite snack and a nice cup of tea. 

At the moment I’m currently reading ‘You’re The One That I Want‘ by Giovanna Fletcher and I have to say I’m really liking it. It’s funny and also has a good storyline to it. If you’re a fan of romance novels then I suggest you give this a read, you can pick it up super cheap too!

I then like to make myself a cup of tea as I love drinking tea in the evening. It makes me feel sleepy which is perfect for getting a good nights sleep! My favourite snack at the moment is the McVities Hobnob Flapjack with chocolate on top, however I didn’t have any of them left so I had to settle for a plain one *sob*!

4) Light a candle. 

I love burning candles as I think the scents can also make you feel chilled out and relaxed. In my bathroom at the moment I’m burning the ‘Sweet Berry’ scent by Victoria Meredith which I thiiiiinnkkk you can buy from Card Factory; but correct me if I’m wrong!

Throughout the day I also like to burn candles in my room to have my room smelling sweet. However I cannot remember what scents I have in my room but lemme just tell you they smell delightful!

When I’m out the bath I like to put on a pair of my favourite pyjamas that I will have previously put on the radiator to get all warm and cosy.

After doing all these things I normally feel like I’m in the clouds and 100% relaxed. Actually, whilst writing this I feel like I could just drop off to sleep right now; but I can’t as I have a ton of French work to do.. Waaaa!

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Real Techniques ‘Miracle Complexion Sponge’ | First Impressions & NEW PIERCING 

Hey guys! How are you all? 

You’ll never guess what… I went shopping again today. That’s 3 times this week alone. I just can’t help it; I’m obsessed! 

Anyway, I went into Superdrug and spotted the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, also known as the Beauty Blender. I had read amazing reviews about this, so I bought it to try.  

When I first opened it and felt it, I thought it was made out of a very smooth material which is a good thing as it means it will be gentle on the skin. I also think that it is the perfect size to apply foundation and concealer with, as if I had a bigger one I would want to put more product on it which would be a waste as I don’t tend to use that much foundation anyway.   


 On the packaging, they give some ‘tips’ on how to use the sponge, which I really felt happy about, as upon looking at it I had no idea how to use it!  

The sides of the sponge blend the larger areas of your face the best (cheeks, forehead, chin), the pointy edge helps cover up imperfections like redness and blemishes and lastly the flat edge helps blend the nose and around the eyes. I love that it covers the whole of the face as normally I’d be using around three or four brushes just doing my foundation and concealer! 

I cannot wait to give this a try tomorrow and will definitely let you all know how I get on with it. I picked up a few more things in Superdrug and also Wilko, but I am going to try them out first for a couple of weeks and review them in future blogposts. So keep your eyes peeled! 

I also did a really bad thing today (as my mother put it) and got a spur of the moment piercing. I had been wanting my forward helix pierced for a long time but always put it off as I was scared but finally got it done today! It didn’t really hurt at all, and I love it! Here is a picture of it…

 I now have 11 piercings in total which my mum isn’t very pleased about, but I love them all. If you want me to do a piercings tag in the future let me know in the comments as I think it would be a fun thing to do! 

Hope you all enjoyed this post… Comment down below your favourite makeup applicator for applying foundation and concealer; and I may just give it a try. Hope you all have a lovely evening! Meg xo

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When I sit to do my makeup and try to make it look all glamorous and fancy… basically all these things happen to me! WHYYYYYYY 😦 Read on and see if you are in the same boat as me…

1. Layering your mascara on too thick and getting clumpy lashes
Don’t you just hate it when your trying to make your eyelashes look as full and volumous as possible and then all your mascara clumps several eyelashes into one?! This is the worst thing that can ever happen, as if you’re not careful your lashes could end up looking like spiders legs. AAAAAAND if you don’t want to get creepy looks in the street you then have to be very careful taking off the mascara (you don’t want to ruin your eyeshadow/eyeliner and start all over again. AWFUL.6879034126_1f4393ba20

2. Turning your ‘fabulous’ smokey eye into a black eye.
‘Have you been in a fight?’ ‘Oh no sorry it’s just my makeup.’ We’ve probably all been in this position when we were younger… And its not good. However, I am now thanking the lord for blending and shading brushes as it’s now much more simple to apply eyeshadow.. yay!tumblr_ncn26cTd1b1tuj9ddo1_1280

3. Not blending your makeup properly.                                                                 Or as I like to call it… the slag line. EEEK i remember the days when I had first started to wear makeup and forgot that I had to blend the foundation onto my neck so it looked kind of natural. Wow I cringe at myself so much. miley-cyrus-monochrome-jumpsuit-strapless-valentino-maxim-hot-100-party_1

4. Using waaaay too much blush.                                                                              My problem? I wasn’t entirely sure where to apply the blush, so I just applied it to my entire cheek and yep, you guessed correctly… I DIDN’T BLEND IT IN. I really did look like a clown.too-much-blush

5. Overplucking eyebrows so they were barely visible.                                    The worst one of all. One twitch and all your eyebrows could be plucked off before you’ve even blinked. Then you’re left with a big arch in one eyebrow and a straight line in the other… Oh dear. Draw them on? WHY NOT. Haha622774e62e70d07d5244637d7b8742e8

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this post, its been funny remembering what I used to do when I was younger… thank God for step by step YouTube videos haha! Please give me a like and follow if I’ve made you chuckle… you can also follow me on Twitter: @MegLeighx and Instagram: @meganleighstringer

Love you all… thank you so much for supporting me! New post tomorrow… bye for now xoxo