Until I was around 18/19, I hated leaving the house bare faced.

As I used to suffer with acne, I never thought I would ever feel fully comfortable in my own skin, without caking it in layers of makeup. Yup, I used to go out wearing the full sha-bang, even if I was only popping to the supermarket. I used to feel so self concious that people would stare if I had a really bad breakout that day (and my acne was only mild!)



I’m a huge fan of bold and smoky eye makeup, especially if you throw a good glitter into the equation. So when I found a bunch of gorgeous eye glitters on Amazonfor under £2, (most of them being £1.50) I just knew I had to buy them.

The pigmentation is insane, comparable to products from MAC or Nyx pigment pots, they are beautiful! The staying power is also amazing, I wear these glitters on nights out and they do indeed last all night!

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Updated Simple Makeup 2017

I haven’t really been going ‘all out’ with my makeup on a day to day basis. If I’m honest I think I slap it all on my face within 20 minutes. I absolutely love doing my makeup for a night out or special occasion, so can happily spend more than an hour prepping and glamming myself up then; but when I’ve woken up late and got maybe half an hour to get to college or work, looking too dolled up isn’t my main priority.

So here it is. My ‘simple’ makeup for a day to day basis. I’m loving using my favourite products such as the L’oreal True Match Foundation and the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eyeshadow palette, along with a few other new products.


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Dolce K Dupe… Colour Whaaaattt?!

If you’ve read my blogpost all about my collab with Go Send from the middle of last year you’ll know that it made me gain an obsession with Colourpop cosmetics. (If you haven’t read it yet, click here to read! It’s a great way to have American goodies shipped all around the world without the international delivery and customs fees).IMG_1956.jpg Continue reading “Dolce K Dupe… Colour Whaaaattt?!”

Anastasia Beverly Hills Ultimate Glow Kit: Review and Swatches

Highlighters are probably one of my favourite makeup products of all time. I mean, who doesn’t want to look like a glitterball on a daily basis? I’d heard a lot of great things about the all of the Glow Kits when they were released and always wanted to purchase one but never took the plungimg_1769e. However, when I saw that ABH were releasing the little beauty that is the ‘Ultimate Glow Kit’, I knew I had to have it. I finally bought it a few days ago and I was so happy when it was delivered.
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Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette

Hi all, so again apologies for being non existant lately but I have been so busy! Over Christmas I had a total of 2(!) days off from work and I’ve also been drowning in college work. Aside from that, I applied to University and hopefully come September I will be in Liverpool studying Journalism!!

For Christmas I received the gorgeous, mega popular ABH Modern Renaissance Eyeshadow Palette (£41). When I first saw what it looked like when it got released I knew I had to have it because of it’s gorgeous warm pink and burgundy tones. I love experimenting around with these types of colours unlike a few years ago when I wouldn’t step away from a bronzed eye. IMG_1565.jpg Continue reading “Anastasia Beverly Hills: Modern Renaissance Palette”

Morphe 35o Palette! Review and Tutorial!

Hello all, so I’ve been gone for a while but I am finally back. Super sorry for just vanishing but I’ve had a busy month. Not only have I applied to University (eeeek!), I’ve also got a new job. The blogposts are now BACK and look forward to seeing a lot more posts from me on the run up to Christmas.

As you’ve all probably guessed from some of my previous posts, I love Morphe eyeshadows and brushes A LOT. It was my birthday a few weeks ago and I received the Morphe 35o eyeshadow palette, and I was very excited as it’s a palette that I have been lusting after for a long, long time. mrp019_morphebrushes_naturegloweyeshadowpalette_35o__2_780x980.jpg
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