Travelling to new places is always something I love to do, and this summer has been no different.

As some of you may know, this year I went to University and met my boyfriend, Jose. When not at Uni, he lives in Gibraltar, which is a British Overseas Territory south of Spain.


In July, I had the pleasure of going to visit him over there for the first time ever and let me tell you, it was beautiful. Read on to find out more about my trip.

Gibraltar is quite a touristy place, famous for the rock that sits in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. On the rock, live the macaques (or ‘the monkeys’ as most people call them). I was really excited to go up the rock and see them, but also very scared at the same time, as you can probably tell by the fact I sat so far away from them! There’s quite a lot to do on the rock, so next time I go we’re going to visit the caves, and the famous skywalk that you can see under!

As it is part of Great Britain, you will see many British things such as red telephone boxes, post boxes and even a Morrisons supermarket! The currency is also GBP, although they do have their own, the Gibraltar pounds.

Whilst in Gibraltar, as their bordering country is Spain, I also had the chance to experience my first ‘Feria’ (Spanish fair). They are completely different to fairs within the UK, they mainly get busy from midnight onwards, open till 7am and even have their own bars! I had a lot of fun, and Jose won me a huge array of prizes, here’s one of the teddies we actually managed to get home with us.

I even got to try my first Spanish churros, which were delicious and can’t wait to have more when I visit again.

Compared to the UK, Gibraltar is tiny. You could probably walk from the top to the bottom within an hour – it really is that small. An interesting fact about this lighthouse is that, from it, you can see two continents at once, Africa (Morocco) on one side, and Europe (Spain) on the other. It’s also right at the tip of Gibraltar and looking out really is a beautiful view.

All in all, i loved my first trip to Gibraltar. I loved that my boyfriend had the chance to guide me round the place he grew up, I loved that I got to meet his friends and his family and I cannot wait to go back again, which is very, very soon.

Have you ever visited Gibraltar? If so, what did you do, and what’s your favourite thing about it? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading! Until next time,



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