I’m a huge fan of bold and smoky eye makeup, especially if you throw a good glitter into the equation. So when I found a bunch of gorgeous eye glitters on Amazonfor under £2, (most of them being £1.50) I just knew I had to buy them.

The pigmentation is insane, comparable to products from MAC or Nyx pigment pots, they are beautiful! The staying power is also amazing, I wear these glitters on nights out and they do indeed last all night!

img_3493I’ve been loving dusting them on my eye lids to jazz up a simple eye look, they come in a variety of shades, so whether you want to keep it natural or go bold with a flurescent pink, there will be a shade for you!img_3494

In this particular makeup look I have used ‘Champagne’, which is a great shade to add onto any makeup look, be it natural or smoky.

I also have 4 other shades, which I have posted a picture of below. Two of the glitters are chunky, which means that I would use these for events mostly, putting it on my face rather than my eyes.presentation1.jpg

Overall I would give these glitters 4.5/5, purely because the packaging is very small and isn’t very sturdy which means the glitter can sometimes explode everywhere and can make quite a mess. BUT, you are getting what you pay for, so I am very happy with my purchase of these glitters.

I would reccommend buying these instead of MAC glitters as they are exactly the same pigmentation, stay for just as long and are much, MUCH cheaper than MAC, which are priced at £16.50.

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know in the comments what your favourite shade is out of the ones I own, and make sure to tell me what your favourite glitter is that you may own- I’m always on the look out for more!

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Bye for now!logo


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