Prepping for University: Bedroom Checklist

So as I am going to University in September I thought I would start a new series on my blog, how to prepare for university. I’m going to post one Uni related post a week up until I go, so I really hope they help you all. I’m going to talk about the things you’ll need, how to make friends if you’re shy and much more. No doubt when I’m there I will also do various Uni posts about how to stay on track and budget.

However, this post is the first of the University checklist posts I’m writing. Within this mini series I’m going to list the things I think you’ll need whilst living in halls. The first post is going to be revolved around the bedroom. Just a word of warning, these posts may be a little long but it’s just because I’m going into detail 🙂Untitled-2.jpg

Moving out of your parents homes and going to live by yourself can be very daunting. You might not have any idea what you’ll need when you get to your halls so here is a list of things I will be taking to use in my bedroom.

  • Duvet and x2 pillows. 

Most accommodations don’t provide duvets or pillows so you will have to take your own.

  • Duvet covers x2 and pillow cases x4.

Most will just take one, but what if you wash it and it doesn’t dry in time to put it back on? Take a spare just to be sure.

  • Decorative pillows. 

This may just be aimed at girls. To make your room look cute and cosy and a home away from home.

  • Fairy lights, pictures to pin up, and decorative plaques/accessories. 

Again, this will make your room feel cosy and lived in, not just a ‘shoe box’.

  • Candles/reed diffusers.

I am aware you are not allowed to light candles in halls but you can take them just to make your room look pretty and smell nice. Reed diffusers will also make your room smell lovely.

  • Clothes hangers.

You will also have to take your own coat hangers and (extra) storage if you would like for your wardrobe.

  • Laundry bag.

Oh dear, yes we are all going to have to learn how to wash our clothes by ourselves! I suggest having a laundry bin in your room, and then a seperate bag you can carry to and from the laundry rooms.

  • Table mirror.

Again another one for the ladies. I’ve been in many a university room and they only have about 1 mirror. So for when you’re getting ready or have friends round, a table mirror can be very handy. And they’re cheap too.

  • Storage boxes.

 It doesn’t take a scientist to realise just how small uni rooms can be. Take decorative storage boxes that look pretty, but can also store things such as electricals and stationary.

  • Books.

For when you get bored of binge watching Netflix and YouTube. If you wanted to you can take your TV’s but please remember you have to buy your own TV license, the uni do not provide it for individuals.

  • Door wedge. 

Scared of meeting your flatmates on the first day? Use a door wedge to prop your door open, then if they walk past they can pop in and say hello. It’s also a great way to seem sociable, and not like you want to spend your whole year cooped up in your room.

And there you have it, my list of things I think you’ll need in your bedroom. I hope this list helps people and if you think I have missed any off, do let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Prepping for University: Bedroom Checklist

  1. This is a fab post! I second taking a mirror… I’m going into my 3rd year of uni and the previous 2 years the mirror has been in a little alcove of the room with awful lighting haha. A moveable mirror is needed 🙂 xxx


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