US Makeup Haul! How-To Get Sephora and Colourpop Shipped To The UK!

Ever had the problem of browsing US websites such as Sephora, Ulta, Bath & Body works and seen something you absolutely love… but then realise that they don’t ship to the UK? And if they do, it costs A BOMB?! Oh, and don’t forget about the HUGE sales we don’t get told about and the sneaky added tax when you get to the checkout!

All of this combined made it very hard for me to get products I really wanted to try, until I came across an amazing website called GoSend.


Through GoSend you are able to shop the full online store of any US retailer, get a whole load of deals through the GoShop  page and get up to 80% off international shipping rates; which means you can spend more on products! For a beauty junkie like me, this made me very happy and I bet you can all guess how many hours I spent browsing Sephora’s website *ahem* about three hours.So I know what you’re all thinking, how does it work?

Well, every person who signs up gets a US address that can be used when buying from any US retailer, AND the address is in Delaware which is a tax free state. Within the GoSend warehouse each member has their own ‘locker’, so you can order from as many online retailers as you want. I got many emails throughout the process, informing me when my products arrived and also pictures of them to make sure they are what you ordered and to make sure nothing is damaged (if it is they will return it)! When you’ve got all you wanted you can release your locker and choose the best shipping method. By using GoSend I was able to save up to 80% off shipping as all my products from various retailers were sent together instead of from each individual!

There are two types of membership plans…


  • FREE
  • Allows you to shop at a single retailer directly, and when it arrives at GoSend they ship it for less than what the retailer would charge for international shipping.


  • £6 per month or £30 per year. 
  • With the VIP membership you have access to the ‘Shop Assist’ tool, which is what I used. A personal shopper orders the products for you using a US credit card so you don’t have the problem of getting a foreign card declined!
  • The shipping rates are much much cheaper for the VIP members also- you can choose the best shipping method.
  • Allows you to shop at more than one retailer and get everything shipped in one box for only one shipping fee.

If you would like to check out be sure to use the code MEGANLEIGH to get 3 months FREE VIP membership.

Eeekkk, now for the exciting part. Here are all my goodies I was able to order using GoSend’s shop assist tool…


It’s so annoying that we don’t have a Sephora over here in the UK, so as you can imagine I took advantage of the US website. Kat Von D is a brand that I have loved and really wanted to try for a long time now as it has been raved about by many a beauty guru, so of course I had to order some products from the brand.

  • Kat Von D Shade & Light Contour Palette

Ive been wanting a good comtour palette for a while now, and after reading the reviews I’m so glad I got it. 3 comtour and 3 highlight shades, it’s perfect for all skin tones, isn’t chalky at all and blends like a dream. The price was $46 (£35) and for such a high end palette I thought it was quite a steal!

  • Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipsick in Lolita

This shade is a dusty rose nude and I love it, it isn’t drying at all and lasts for ages. The price was $20 (£15) and you get a lot of product. This is my go-to new dark nude shade and I can’t wait to wear it throughout the summer.


I’m not going to lie, I was so excited to order from Colourpop as their range of lipsticks are gorgeous.

I chose 3 Lippie Stix which were $5 (£3.80) each and a Ultra Matte lipstick which was $6 (£4.60) which is amazing as the quality is like something you would find from MAC. I got the shades Pillowtalk, Pitch, Luminere and Bianca. They are so pigmented and are gorgeous paired with a natural or smoky makeup look.

  • Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation

I have been wanting to try American drugstore makeup for a while so whilst I had the chance I got Covergirl’s 3-in-1 foundation which was $8.59 (£6). Apparently it is a sister brand of the brand Max Factor and I have to admit it kinda is, nevertheless it is a great coverage foundation and I love it!

  • ELF Eyebrow Kit

Lastly I got this eyebrow kit in the shade light. To say it is so cheap at $3 (£2.30) it is great at filling my brows in and leaves them looking natural. It is also a great dupe for the Benefit brow zings!

All my new lipsticks, Colourpop and Kat Von D! Think I’m a tad obsessed with nude shades!!

Overall my order ended up coming to around $100 which is about £76 which is amazing as if I had bought all these products in the UK it would of been more than £150! As you can probably tell I am a very happy bunny! Check the website out and don’t forget to use the code MEGANLEIGH at signup for 3 months free vip! Click the link here to be directed to GoSend.








I hope you all enjoyed this post, and let me know about your GoSend experiences!

This post was in collaboration with GoSend. However, all opinions and views are my own. 


14 thoughts on “US Makeup Haul! How-To Get Sephora and Colourpop Shipped To The UK!

  1. How awesome that you’re able to access American cosmetics through this service! 😀 I’m in Canada and funny enough I wish I had access to all UK beauty brands. We always want what we don’t have, right? 😉
    That Covergirl 3-in-1 Foundation is my favourite drugstore foundation – it has great coverage and lasts all day!


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