30 Beauty Blogpost Ideas & Inspo

Untitled-1For me, some days I can never think of anything to write for a new blogpost, and it is a struggle to come up with new and exciting ideas for various beauty related blogposts each week. SO, to save others from having bloggers block just like me; I’ve created a list of things that anyone with a beauty blog can write about… Grab a pen and start reading!

  1. Reviews (everyone loves a good review)
  2. Wish Lists
  3. Makeup Of The Day/Night
  4. Monthly Favourites
  5. Hauls
  6. Products You Would Repurchase
  7. Disappointing Products Chat
  8. Beauty Hacks
  9. Top 5 Lipsticks (or any other makeup of the same category!)
  10. Best Budget Products
  11. Products You Have Used Up (would you or wouldn’t you repurchase?)
  12. High End Products Worth The Splurge
  13. Whats In Your Makeup Bag?
  14. Holiday Beauty Essentials
  15. The Blogger/Beauty Guru Made Me Buy It!
  16. Everyday Makeup Staples
  17. Go-To Products
  18. Your Holy Grail Beauty Products
  19. Everyday Makeup Tutorial
  20. “No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial
  21. Best High End Drugstore Dupes
  22. Beauty Q and A
  23. Favourite Makeup Brand
  24. What Makeup Brushes Are The Best?
  25. Celebrity Inspired Makeup Looks
  26. Makeup Collection
  27. Lush Demo’s
  28. Seasonal Blogposts (e.g: Valentines Day, Spring Makeup)
  29. Top 5 Red Lippys (or colour of your choice!)
  30. Beauty Chats

I hope this little list gives all you fellow bloggers some inspo! If you have any other ideas please feel free to comment them down below as I love adding new ideas to my own list!

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